About Us

Established in 1997, Hycon Limited are a leading supplier and Manufacturer of Hydraulic Components to Machinery Manufacturers and the Hydraulics resale Industry. 
Hycon are Manufacturers and Distributors of components from many of the leading Hydraulic equipment Suppliers.
We supply Hydraulic equipment to the highest quality and reliability at very competitive prices with a quick, off the shelf delivery.
Hycon Limited can assist with circuit design and component specification to our customer's requirements for any application.

Our products include Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Directional Control Valves, Cetop Valves and Manifolds, Cylinders, Circuitry valves, Filtration equipment, Bespoke Power units, Bell Housings and Drive Couplings, Oil Tanks, Gearboxes and Clutches, Accumulators, Electric Motors and Combustion engines and many other bespoke design components, etc.
Hycon Hydraulics

Hycon Limited are pleased to represent and stock a complete product range from the following companies, and offer the following product services...

  • Blb Hydraulic srl , Directional Control Valves and Inline Circuitry Valves
  • OMT Filtri spa, Oil Tanks, Filtration Products, Bell Housing and Drive Couplings, Heat Exchangers, Flanges, Pump Bearing Supports, etc
  • Poclain Group, Cetop 3, 5 & 7 valves and modular valves, Solenoid operated Diverter valves, Flow Control valves, Pressure Switches, Power Units, etc
  • FBN srl Filtration Products
  • Maxma, Hydraulic Motors
  • Petrone srl, Hydraulic Gear Pumps
  • Indemar Industriale, Remote cable controls
  • Oleodinamica Borelli, Step Up and Reduction Gearboxes and Clutches
  • Gasparini Lauro & Co, Hand Pumps and Jack Legs
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Circuitry Valves and other components
  • Electric Control systems and Radio Control Units
  • Manufacture of Hydraulic Power Units to Customers Specifications
  • A Complete Solution and supply of all Hydraulic Components for all applications ...